We know how important it is for small businesses to ensure that their orders arrive on time and in perfect condition. To do this, we carefully monitor all phases of the process:
  • Procurement We take care of the reception, verification, classification, entry and location of your stocks.
  • Warehousing We perform a thorough stock control, as well as physical inventory counting and inventory management. For all this we can assure you that your products will always be locatable
  • Manipulations We are in charge of the repackaging of finished products. We also manage those products returned to the manufacturer and, after being repaired, do not keep the original packaging. When this happens, we repackage them so that they can be put up for sale (refurbished). And if you wish, we also offer the manipulation of kits for campaigns or promotions.
  • Special Manipulations We personalize your shipments and track them with tracking, whether it is a bulk or unit order. We also transport the merchandise nationally or internationally, through specialized partners of recognized prestige in the sector
  • Reverse Logistics We manage the possible returns of your customers, the recovery of obsolete products, the packaging material and the return of goods, either for reuse or to be destroyed in approved plants.
  • Cross-Docking We take care of receiving goods that do not require storage and prepare them for immediate shipment. These are the services we offer in this area:
    • Predistribution: We manage products that can be processed instantly, with no need for storage.
    • Consolidated: They are goods received, fragmented and labeled for shipment.
  • Picking & Packing The stored merchandise is prepared, organized and packaged according to the orders for delivery at the final destination.
  • Packaging and material We have all the material sufficient for the adequacy and packaging of merchandise depending on the nature of it.
Services Pim Pam Picking

Our facilities

We have a large industrial warehouse to guarantee the safety and optimum conservation of your products, always monitored and in charge of the best professionals.

2.500 m3

We have enough space for all kinds of products.

8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Permanent access from Monday to Friday, and weekends on request.


Separate areas for individualized handling of goods.


Permanent surveillance throughout the ship.