We take care of the smallest detail of your shipments


We put everything in its place

We have a place for everything

We give every thing the space it deserves

At Pim Pam Picking, the most important thing is to offer you security and confidence. For this, we adapt to your needs, always proposing the most appropriate solution. In addition, we inform you when deliveries and possible incidents, always complying with the commitments agreed. All with one goal: to be your best supplier of storage and logistics. Your satisfaction will be our best reward.

Safety and trust

We have all the means to guarantee that your orders arrive on time and in perfect conditions

Information at the moment

We bet on the immediacy: we communicate instantly deliveries and incidents.

Your satisfaction, our reason for being

We have a great team to respond to your needs and meet your expectations.

We specialize in



We select the packaging that best fits each product, thus ensuring its integrity during transportation.


We treat each merchandise as if it were ours, in an individualized way and according to its characteristics.


We take care of guarding your products, ensuring your safety and conservation.


We work so that your shipments arrive at their destination on time and in perfect condition.